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Peter Thomas Senese
And the I CARE Foundation have played key roles reuniting numerous internationally kidnapped children with their families while also protecting an exponentially larger number of children from abduction.  Read the testimonials about Peter and his work assisting children and their families in crisis.

The Impact of Peter Thomas Senese's Writing

From Critically Acclaimed Novel, To Educational Tool Designed To Assist The Growing Number Of Targeted Parents Of Child Abduction, To New Laws and Government Policies, To Creation Of The Highly Respected I CARE Foundation, To The Development Of A National Legal Network Created To Protect Children Of Abduction, To Legally Rescuing And Safely Bringing Home Numerous Internationally Kidnapped Children While Preventing The Abduction Of Significantly More Children, 'Chasing The Cyclone' has had a positive social impact, including in its own unique way, helping to either prevent the international abduction of children, and, reuniting children who were previously taken.

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Critics Have Praised Peter Thomas Senese's International Thrillers

Social Responsibility

Protecting Children From Abduction & Trafficking
Best-Selling Author Peter Thomas Senese
Creates Not-For-Profit Organization To Fight Against Child Abduction.
Senese & Foundation Rescue Numerous Kidnapped Children,
Champion New Laws That Will Protect Children,
Donates 100% Of Book Royalties To The

I CARE Foundation

Peter Senese Helps Reunite
Internationally Abducted Children

Supporting  Libraries & Literacy
Novelist Peter Thomas Senese
Continues Strong Support For Public Libraries & Literacy Programs,
Donates Significant Resources To Libraries & Literacy Outreach,
Advocates Legislation That Increase Funding Of Public Libraries,
Donates Large Number of Books To Veteran Hospitals

Peter Thomas Senese: Librophiliac
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Fighting Cancer
Author & Advocate Peter Thomas Senese
Continues Steadfast Financial Support Of Research To Find A Cure For Cancer,
While Helping Cancer Victims 

Peter Thomas Senese

Helps Rescue Internationally Abducted Children
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Peter Thomas Senese & 
I CARE Foundation
Speak At
The United Nations

Peter Thomas Senese

Creates The
I CARE Foundation
To Protect Children From Abduction

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Faith & Committment

Peter Thomas Senese

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Peter Thomas Senese
Donates 100% of Bok Proceeds To Fight Against Child Abduction & Trafficking:
Being A Hero To Children

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Chasing The Cyclone

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Peter Thomas Senese
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I CARE Foundation Launches
International Travel
Child Consent Form

Created To Help Prevent
International Child Abduction

International Parental Child Abduction Drops By 15% For Second Year In Row after 30 Years Of Growth

I CARE Foundation's Efforts To Prevent Abduction Makes Giant Impact On Reported U.S. Outbound Abduction Rate



A well-written thriller - you will be reluctant to put down!
- New York Journal Of Books

Senese is a gifted storyteller. I cannot endorse this book strongly enough! –The Examiner

Suspenseful! Nail-Biting! Engaging! A must read! – V Stevenson, Reviewer at Kirkus

Senese is a writer of distinction - impossible to put down! - Dr. Harp: Amazon Hall Of Fame

Phenomenal. As in remarkable. Extraordinary!Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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